SonoScape’s newest veterinary ultrasound

SonoScape A5v portable veterinary ultrasound machine

The A6v light?

The A5v (the veterinary ultrasound equivalent of the A5), released at the end of 2011, represents SonoScape’s newest edition to its portable veterinary ultrasound range.

The A5v is cosmetically the same as the A6v, and is effectively a slimmed down version of this model which has proven very popular as a starter machine for abdominal work in small animal practices (its human equivalent is also highly successful for ‘niche’ abdominal applications – it’s one of the most popular urinary system scanners in Poland, for example).

The main feature that the A5v lacks versus the A6v is the fact that you cannot save movie clips. You can still save images, however, and for many vets the cine save mode is never used anyway.

4B imaging mode is also disabled as standard. The button is there – as we mentioned, it is physically the same machine as the A6v – but nothing will happen when it is pressed. 2B mode is enabled, however, and again a simple side-by-side comparison is usually the extent of what the split screen modes are ever used for.

Tissue Harmonic Imaging (THI) is not available on the A5v but is a feature that is significantly underused on the A6v anyway.

The manufacturer claims that the number of channels on the A5v is significantly reduced. No noticable image degredation was observed, however, and the fact that the A6v probes are compatible with the A5v is a major tip-off to the fact that nothing much has changed.


  1. admin says:

    Having worked with this machine for 9 months now, I have found that the differences between the A5v and A6v are for many people insignificant.

    The only time I’ve recommended an A6v over the A5v has been to a college/teaching centre, where I felt that the additional functions and image quality were very important for their teaching.

    For most vets and breeders, however, who just want a powerful, entry level machine which is very easy to use and with clear image quality, the A5v is perfect for their needs and budget.

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