SonoScape S9v for Echocardiography

The evolution of SonoScape into the world of veterinary echocardiography.

Portable veterinary ultrasound machine

Below is a list of all of the ultrasound machines discussed on SonoScape S9 SonoScape A5 Comparison of SonoScape S2, A5, and KaiXin KXK9 and MSU   Coming soon: Edan U50PE, DUS60Vet, and AX8.

Draminski confirm switch to Chinese business model

For 30 years, Draminski enjoyed an unrivalled reputation for quality agricultural and ultrasonic devices. Now, that reputation lies in tatters. We try to understand the reasons why.

Simple congenital heart defects in humans and animals

Atrial septal defects (ASDs) are one of the most common congenital heart defects, accounting for between 6-10% of congenital heart disease in humans (Silvestry et al., 2015). Secundum defects are the most common type of ASD in both humans and canines. In canines, some breeds (particularly Boxers) more susceptible than others, although the true incidence [...]

Indications for stress echocardiography

Stress echocardiography is a safe, noninvasive and relatively cost-effective way to assess for coronary artery disease, stenosis severity and contractile reserve in particular subgroups of patients. Stress echo can refer to TTE performed during exercise or phamacological stress. The major indications for stress echo in humans are discussed in the following article.

How to assess the aortic valve with echocardiography

How to assess the aortic valve with echocardiography   Aortic valve disease can have a range of aetiologies, including: Congenital: -  Unicuspid, quadricuspid or bicuspid aortic valve. The first two are usually discovered in infancy, but a bicuspid valve may remain asymptomatic for many decades. Whilst relatively common in humans, bicuspid aortic valves are rare [...]

What is parallel beam forming?

Parallel beam forming can be performed in both reception and transmission (Demi et al., 2013). It speeds up the rate of data acquisition (Hoskins et al., 2010), which can be used to increase the frame rate, field of view, more frame averaging to reduce noise, or reduce acquisition time (particularly important for 3D imaging). Parallel [...]

What is Power Doppler?

The history of Doppler in the world of medical ultrasound began with spectral Doppler, but its use did not really take off until the introduction of colour Doppler in the early 1980s. Whilst a qualitative modality (arguably semi-quantitative with more recent publications in echocardiography on estimating regurgitant jet size as a percentage of the receiving [...]

What is apodization?

Many higher end machines now boast apodization on their list of ultrasound specifications. It sounds like a made-up, gimmicky concept, but it’s actually very important. Here’s why.

SonoScape launch S9 into vet market

SonoScape – one of the world’s leading veterinary ultrasound manufacturers – have recently launched the S9 into the global vet market. And it’s already making waves…