When Things Go Wrong: How To Protect Your Integrity & Reputation

Individuals offering a scanning service to breeders are often put under pressure to give numbers, due dates and – with some animals – even the gender of the foetus or foetuses. Unless you are a qualified veterinarian, it is strongly recommended that you do not do this, as it opens you up to criticism or [...]

The benefits of ultrasound to breeders and farmers

A bullet point summary of the cost-saving benefits of ultrasound equipment for breeders and farmers.

Obsessive with ultrasound?

Somewhat surprisingly, a link between ultrasound and mental health illnesses has been recently discovered – namely, ultrasound and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD).

Chinese eBay Sellers In Tax Evasion Scam

Selling channels such as eBay are absolutely packed with cheap medical equipment, including ultrasound for both human and veterinary use. Some of the pricing seems almost too good to be true – so is it?

Having twins really is ‘double the trouble’

The birth of the Royal baby is still making the news headlines, so what better time to write about the use of veterinary ultrasound during equine pregnancy? Those that work within the equine field will be familiar with the problem surrounding the establishment of twin pregnancies.

Breeder Ultrasound

A growing number of breeders are taking the step to invest in their own ultrasound machines. We discuss the different options available, focusing specifically on large animal work.

Draminski iScan versus BCF EasiScan

Useful comparisons between the new Draminski iScan against BCF’s EasiScan and their latest offering, the EasiScan Lite: Despite its rather hefty pricetag, the BCF EasiScan has ruled the roost in the cattle scanning market, not least because of the lack of serious competition. With the launch of the new iScan, however, the EasiScan has a few new questions to answer…

Current uses for ultrasound technology through the eyes of a search engine

A simple Google search for “ultrasound” retrieves a plethora of information regarding uses for ultrasonography. Not surprisingly, the top results reveal the uses of ultrasound for the detection of pregnancy and for use by veterinarians (which are frequently discussed by veterinary ultrasound specialist sites). However, this article focuses on the somewhat more unusual uses that [...]

SonoScape’s newest veterinary ultrasound

The A5v (the veterinary ultrasound equivalent of the A5), released at the end of 2011, represents SonoScape’s newest edition to its portable veterinary ultrasound range. The A5v is cosmetically the same as the A6v, and is effectively a slimmed down version of this model which has proven very popular as a starter machine for abdominal [...]